Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Closing Vacation for the 2010.....Port Dickson

..this was in last school holidays...

we went to Tiara Beach Resort, PD

with the kids and their cousins!.... look how excited they are.... they can't wait especially Deen!

they start with this:

and this:

and the memories remains in mind....

but i really love this picture.......aren't they SWEET....!

we really enjoyed the vacation and only pictures can telll! hope we can have this yearly as Shafiq (playing with the PSP) and Mizan (is sleeping) are far far away in Kuching......but they close in our heart!
This year Shafiq will be sitting UPSR exam....Pak Ngah (mr hubby) promise him to buy NINTENDO game for him IF HE SCORED A for all subjects! I know you prefers PSP but NINTENDO much more suitable....hehehhehe.....Good Luck to Shafiq!

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