Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lot's of Laugh througout the "The Proposal"

"Andrew forcing Margaret to propose courteously" hihihi....comei...

The Proposal

After 1 year plus, this was one of the movie (dvd) that I've seen last weekend. yeah i've been busy lately and plus have no time to update my blog. .... okay, back to the "The Proposal" I watched it from 12.30 am till 2 am.....why? because of my 'LITTLE DRAMA QUEEN' yg byk DRAMA and my 'LITTLE BUSY BOY' yg byk BUSY huhuhu (know what i mean kan)...."what a life" - i'm not telling i'm regret but that's colors of my life.

Last movie was MAMA MIA heheheh I know I’m the classic type……cannot resist heheh ….the movie will keep you sing it out loud together (only for ABBA’s fan) heheh.

Let’s go back to the “THE PROPOSAL” The romantic comedy movie starring two great actors Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (great chemistry). The movie is about two people who initially dislike each other but end of the movie, they’ve fallen in love. It’s predictable but the comedy will having you watching it till the end……….like the facial expressions – especially Andrew character….laugh-out-loud in several spots….esp. scene where Margaret doing voodoo dancing with the grandmother, Andrew & Margaret bumped each other when both are naked and many more! Hahhahahah

Okay okay, let me tell a bit the Bullock (Margarate) a hardworking & heartless book editor & Ryan Reynolds (Andrew) her assistant who is abused, overworked and taken advantage by Margaret. (kira macam 'SEKSATERI' kpd Margaret) When Margaret found out that her request for a visa was denied and she’s going to be deported from USA to Canada, she suddenly announces that Andrew and her are getting married. Andrew goes along with the plan because Margaret threatens to fire him…………u must see what will happen next…..hehehhe…..and another thing is the old fashioned & sweet scenery of Sitka, Alaska which Andrew’s hometown… it!

Hihi i know that's not the latest movie, but at last, i was able to watch it!

Margaret announcing their 'engagement'.
Their first 'kiss'.....(that's where Andrew fallen in love)

i like the living room

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happy2gether said...

Mimi, lama nyer aku x check blog ko nih...aku dah x privatekan blog aku...eheheh thn baru ni xmo citer pasal sek so aku rasa okey kot bukak kat public...emmm aku dah nengok citer ni kat movie ngan zaimi, mmg best giler, hilarious & sweet sgt...aku pon suka waktu senaman kat hutan tu..eheh walopon dah lama tp aku masih ingat...ehehe...apa kata ko beli la dvd twilight & new aku lah..ehhe

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