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Perfume Talk

These are some of my collections that has finished!

And these are my CURRENT collection.

I'm back! hahah tenggelam timbul tenggelam timbul jek aku nih kan......hehhheh actually i'm sneaking here just to share some info and my interest i think! suddenly my minds popped out! tink! tink....talk about perfume. why i chose this topic? it is because i really love perfumes. i have various of perfumes from a different designers in my collection. some people only love one type of perfume but me...i have a different perfumes with designers. some i bought it my self and some given by hubby, sister and my late boss. hrmmmm the only boss that never forget to bring perfume whenever he travels for his secretary..a a a a..not scandle but appreciation between boss and worker only. (haip tak baik mengata org dah meningggal) Al Fatihah to Mat Barhan bin Harun for his generousity. each of my perfume collection has it own story and i love them very very much! The First branded perfume i got was from my late boss,

1. Forever and Ever by Christian Dior : The floral scent is really tender and soft and it was introduced a limited edition and I really love the smell! until now still looking for this perfume but i think it has been discontinued recently. He bought it from China duty Free airport. I always use this perfume for casual and office wear. I got this perfume in 2001. I called it

2. Truth by Calvin Klein:
This is my 3rd top list perfume. Most of CK perfumes have a citrus scents but this perfume has a scent of woody fragrance which i always wear it for office wear. Sometimes i like but sometimes not..hehehh this also was given by my late boss! But the scents reminds me to Ranhill Office as that time was my transition from my first job in Alloy to 2nd job in Ranhill, Setiawangsa. I got this perfume in 2002. I called it 'MY UP & DOWN' FRAGRANCE (5 star)

3. Premier Jour by Nina Ricci: This is the first perfume i BOUGHT with my own salary. This is my 'love at first sight' because of the bottle. The floral and musk + vanilla scents has made me falling in love! I bought it when i was in 2003. I called it 'LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT' FRAGRANCE (4 1/2 star)

4. Flower by Kenzo: This perfume has a unique scents, combination of floral, vanilla and powdery has made it different from others. I bought this perfume in the same year in 2003. Some opinion say, this perfume has harsh notes but for me it's still unique and can be accepted. I also love the bottle but it easy to fall over because of its tall bottle. I called it 'MY UNIQUE' FRAGRANCE. (4 1/2 star)

5. Chris 1947 by Christian Dior: Why i bought this perfume? it's because of Forever and Ever. the bottle has a similar design but have a blink blink diamond on it. but it still cannot beat the Forever and Ever still the great among my collection. This perfume has a sweet scents. I bought it when it first introduced in 2004. I called it 'BLINK BLINK' FRAGRANCE. (4 star)

6. Romance by Ralph Lauren: Romance the most popular fragrance by Ralph Lauren. For me, Ralph Lauren has it own standard and quality and most of the scents has musk +woody that made this fragrance long lasting. Some will say this fragrance has harsh notes. maybe because of combination of rose and ginger has made this fragrance has strong scents. Normally, I wear this perfume at night or in a rainy day or in cold air conditioning especially training. Why? it will make the fragrance have a soft and fresh scents. Trust me you can try. i'm not prefer to use it during daytime because of the strong scents will come out. hehehh {psssstttt mesti aku boleh jadi duta perfume kan}. I bought this perfume in early 2005. this perfume was introduced in 1998/1999 if i'm not mistaken but still have a great DEMAND until 2010! wowww! one thing is....ralph lauren collection is one of the expensive fragrance in the market. I called it 'WEALTH' FRAGRANCE (4 1/2 star)

7. Style by Ralph Lauren: This is my 2nd top list perfume after Forever and Ever. I bought this perfume 3 days after I bought Romance in 2005. hahahahah giler kan! tau dak naper aku beli. aku jenjalan kat KLCC sensorang pastu sesaje try perfume counter....ha amek nko...terjatuh chenta sama ini perfume. But this perfume has discontinued from market. i dont know why may be they want to change the bottle hahahhah..pepandai jek! tp mmg lah tersangat best bau dier. ngam ngam jek perfume aku abis adik aku beritau dah discontinued. hrrmmmm tp kan perfume nih aku ada tak suker sekejap in my 2nd pregnancy. Lama giler nak abiskan perfume nih...biler dah byk perfume aku dah terlupa pulak perfume nih......deen umur 2 tahun baru abis perfume which last year, 2009. o luper nak cakap kan aku dah bagitau Ralph Lauren nyer fragrance byk bau musk+ woody. This is only my opinion when i sniff this scents i feel like to making love hahahahah (bongok kan statement aku) Tak silap aku tahun 2oo4/2005 this perfume was introduced. I called 'MAKING LOVE' FRAGRANCE (psssttt that's how i accidently get DEEN in 2007...now i know the reason! hahah) (5 star)

8. Be Delicious by DKNY: Really love this fragrance. I still remember when it first introduced if i'm not mistaken 2005, i can smell everyone wearing the same perfume in that year either in the office or shopping complex. Most popular perfume ever. But unfortunately, when i was getting married and conceive my first child, zahraa....fullamak disaster! wa cakap lu! i hate the smell buwek! I bought this perfume before getting married, June 2005. so when i got married this perfume still hasn't finished until my first morning sickness coming hehehehhe.......but i love the bottle looks like APPLE SHAPE. i called it 'YUMMY' FRAGRANCE. (4 1/2 star)

9. Light Blue by D&G: Perfume ini adalah pemberian my hubby for hantaran in 2005. This is my 4th top list perfume. Actually this perfume takderlah attractive sgt botol die so typical but the box has a velvet texture. Tp kan scents die adalah soft and fresh has made me to choose this fragrance. Pastu siap berangan lepas nih aku akan jadi isteri solehah apabila memakai perfume ini hahahhah. malangnyer, bau ini pon telah menjadi 'i hate u' sbb biler aku mabukkan zahraa perfume ini lah puncanya aku sakit tenat...ahhahah...takder mood plus malas! sampai skang tak abis lagi..sampai penutup die yg kaler biru hilang lah....dan yg bestnyer shower gel ngan lotion masih ada sampai skang nih...aku rase dah expired dah perfume nih. heheh tp aku bedal buat duduk rumah. I called 'FEELING BLUES' FRAGRANCE, it really made me feel blues! (4 1/2 star)

10. Baby Doll by YSL: I love the bottle at the first sight! it is a 'spinning top' shape. i also love the scents and it has sharp flowery scents. but it still can be accepted. I have 2 bottles of this baby doll. First i bought in 2005, which during pregnancy to replace 'FEELING BLUES' FRAGRANCE. hahahahah boleh ek camtuh. The 2nd bottle was given by hubby when he worked at Singapore in 2010 (kat sane murah..adalah beza dalam RM40 ringgit duit kiter). Actually i want him to buy FOREVER AND EVER but takder pulak so i chose again baby doll because of its unique shape. You can aslo try Baby Doll Light Pink in the market. I called it 'CHARMING' FRAGRANCE because of it's unique shape. (4 1/2 star)

11. Burberry by Burberry: My first thought about Burberry was it has a strong scents but it's not. When i first sniffed it from my sister's collection, it's really soft & fresh with its floral scents. It's suitable for daytime wearing. sometimes you may feel this perfume is not long lasting
as this perfume has a soft scents. this perfume was also bought in Singapore when my hubby had shooting in there and it's much more cheaper from Malaysia. Since that, i start looking for burberry fragrances as it has a woody and musk notes. I called it 'SILKY' FRAGRANCE because its floral soft scents. This fragrance is my 5th top list! (5 star)

12. Daisy by Marc Jacobs: For me, Marc Jacobs Fragrances is still new in the market compare to other designers which in my collection. by the way i also love the bottle design very much it's so flowery heehehhe...the scents sweet and woody and i think it's suitable for sweet and fun character. (pepandai jek aku) nothing much to comment about this Daisy but i know most of the 'happy go lucky' character would love this. I called it 'JOYFUL' FRAGRANCE. I bought this perfume from my sister in law. She's selling 'defect perfume' and this is my first time buying defect perfume and it's not bad! you can call her if you want to buy perfume. You can refer from my collection what perfume you want and you won't regret! (4 1/2 star)

For conclusion,
do let me know one of those that you may like.

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Filla ~ Kasih Aleeya said...

wawawawaaaaaa... menarik tul citer perfume ko nie.. aku suker sgt...hehe.. tp tol ckp ko..setiap bau tu ada history memasing yg mengingatkan kita pada seseorang/sesuatu.... ceh jiwang plak.. mcm aku.. byk2 pon kalau aku suke satu or dua.. itu jer aku tala... hahaha...

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