Thursday, November 25, 2010

So much to tell but have NO TIME

My little update:

1. My dearie 'Little Busy Boy' will be turning 3 years on 6th December 2010.

2. My dearie 'Little Drama Queen' will be starting her kindergarten on January 2011 at Genius Aulad.

3. My dearie hubby will be departing to Aden, Yemen for Gulf Cup this weekend for 6 days.

4. Me? yeah i'll be organizing a workshop for the company on 16 - 18 December 2010 in Penang.

1 comment:

Filla ~ Kasihs said...

wah bizi giler ni mie... takper... pelan pelan kayuh babe! weh embem nyer pipi ghazi..comel to d max!.. anak pompuan mmg melekat kat papa kan??hhahaha

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